MORE LIGHT - New album out in January 2017 on Jazz&People


«..listening to this album, we get the feeling that Sandro has actually reached another milestone»
VINCENT BESSIERES (JazzNews, January 2014, France - (THE BIGGER PICTURE Selection Jazz)

«..with his third album as a leader , Zerafa clearly takes the music to the next level.»
LUDOVIC FLORIN (Jazzman/Jazzmag, January 2014, France - (THE BIGGER PICTURE awarded 4 stars)

« Zerafa proves it is possible to operate in a contemporary manner without being completely divorced from the innate sense of swing so essential to a jazz performance ...»
LANCE LIDDLE (Be-Bop Spoken Here, February 2014, UK)

" 50 minutes of grittily elegant contemporary jazz..."
ROBERT SHORE (JazzWise, May 2014, UK)

" .. a characterful composer and a player of skill ... :"
PETER BACON (TheJazzBreakfast, May 2014, UK)

" Highly reminscent of Jim Hall in his warmth of tone and sense of space, Zerafa nurtures a certain notion of 'cool', strongly poetic and deserving our attention..." VINCENT BESSIERES (JazzNews, France)

“… in this new album we are captured by the beauty of his compositions
where Sandro’s fine writing skills confront the elegance of his
playing." JEAN MARC GELIN (Les Dernières Nouvelles du Jazz, France)

“Sandro Zerafa is an original guitarist. Firstly, because he does not fall under the spell of Kurt Rosenwinkel's strong influence and secondly because he possesses his own universe, where imagination reigns supreme alongside sophistication." MARTIN GUERPIN (Jazzman/Jazzmag, France)